The Young People’s Project 2021 Virtual Activities

National Math Festival + National Flagway Festival 

2021 Virtual Flagway Festival

Kahoot Math Challenges

Students will have a chance to participate in 7 challenges on Kahoot! during the 24hr play time.

May 21st 2021

Math Puzzles

Team will be given a series of math problems to solve together. Get through as many Jamboard sheets with your team!

May 21st 2021


Join YPP MLWs to play some of your favorite games with other teams!

May 21st 2021


 Via Zoom with two MLWs teams will complete as many correct flags as possible within the given time, to score points for their team!

May 22nd 2021

National Math Festival

What’s The Big Idea?

The Young People’s Project hosts a game show in which students judge mathematicians on their charm and clarity explaining their favorite big ideas in mathematics.

February 16th 2021

1:00pm – 2:30pm EST

YPP Icebreakers & Math Games

Meet others, play short and fun team building activities, and select from a range of math activities (K-8), including a math scavenger hunt. 

April 2021

YPP Math Challenges

Kahoot Challenges will cover different topics from the arc of Flagway: even and odd numbers, primes and composites, prime factorization, and algebra form.

April 2021

Flagway Workshop

Crack the Flagway Code by exploring numbers, categorizing, and making conjectures.

April 2021

Math Scavenger Hunt

We are challenging all students to find the most items based on the riddles given within their own personal space (i.e. home.) Use the different math concepts embedded in the riddles to help you find these objects for the scavenger hunt. While this is a remote scavenger hunt, all of these things should be easily located in one home. Let’s Begin!

April 2021