2021 Virtual Flagway™ Festival
& Flagway Tournament

This year YPP will host its second VIRTUAL Flagway Festival.  The Festival will take place from Friday May 21 – Saturday May 22 and will include a number of online activities for YPP Flagway Scholars.

Click the buttons below to learn about the 2021 Flagway Festival Games and Flagway Tournament

2021 Flagway™ Festival Games

Players will score points for their home team in each of the THREE GAMES of the festival, and are encouraged to play all THREE GAMES to maximize scoring for their team.



Students will have a chance to participate in 7 challenges on Kahoot! during the 24hr play time.


Math Puzzles

Team will be given a series of math problems to solve together. Get through as many Jamboard sheets with your team!


YPP Math Icebreakers & Activities

Join YPP MLWs to play some of your favorite games with other teams.


Virtual Flagway Tournament

Via Zoom with two MLWs teams will complete as many correct flags as possible within the given time, to score points for their team!

Game Schedule

Kahoot Math Challenges

Kahoot Math Challenges: PLAY ANYTIME between FRI.  5/21 noon to SAT. 5/22 noon EST

Math Puzzles

Math Puzzles:  FRI.  5/21 between 4:30pm-5pm EST

YPP Icebreakers and Activities

YPP Icebreakers and Activities: SAT. 5/22 between 12pm-1pm EST 

Flagway Tournament

Flagway Tournament: SAT. 5/22 from 1:15pm to 3pm EST