Friday Mini Games

Play all three mini games to score maximum points for your team!

Kahoot! (click)

Friday May 15, 2020

Starting at 12 PM (24 hour free-play)

Game Codes

Even and Odd: 03443925
Prime/Composite (1): 06469247
Prime/Composite (2): 08122449
Prime Factorization (1): 09378834
Prime Factorization (2): 02101413

These Games Require Knowledge of Flagway Rules

Algebra Form (1): 0370423
Algebra Form (2):  0490636
Flagway Rules05019837

Player Nickname = first name, last name initial, and team name
Example: Jordan Smith from PAUS = jsmithPAUS

Frogger Race App (click)


Friday May 15, 2020

Starting at 12 PM (24 hour free-play)  

Scavenger Hunt

Friday May 15, 2020


HALL: 4:10-4:25P

VLUS: 4:30-4:45p

CSUS: 4:50-5:05P

INSTEM: 5:10-5:25P (4:10-4:25P CST)

AMIGOS: 5:30-5:45P

PAUS: 5:50-6:05P

VSU: 6:10-6:25P


(Team Coach Will Provide Link)


Flagway Tournament