Welcome to the 2020 Flagway™ Tournament

Live stream will begin at 2:15pm EST on May 16th 2020


Amigos School (Cambridge, MA)

Cambridge Street Upper School (Cambridge, MA)

Putnam Avenue Upper School (Cambridge, MA)

Vassal Lane Upper School (Cambridge, MA)

inSTEM at DePaul University (Chicago, IL)

Virginia State University (Norfolk, VA)

Hallandale Magnet (Hallandale Beach, FL)

Tournament Schedule

    Flagway Review Practice Session
    12 – 2pm EST

    Each team will have a specific time to log in for the review — see review session schedule.

    MLWs will host a refresher session to help players prepare for the virtual tournament.  During the practice session, each team will choose three (3) Flagway skills from the ARC of Flagway, then MLWs will guide them through a series of questions and/or activities related to those skills. 
    Players are also encouraged to download the Festival Practice Packet .pdf (link) to prepare for the tournament. 

    Flagway Tournament
    2:30pm – 3:40pm EST 

    Teams will be in a virtual session via Zoom or Google Meets with two Math Literacy Workers (MLWs) facilitating the game play. The MLWs will assign numbers to the team, who will then work together to complete their Flags. 


    This Years Flagway Festival is not open to the public. Only Flagway Teams and coaches will be given access to Flagway Tournament Game Rooms.  

    Flagway Review Sessions

    Please take note of your teams practice time, as team practice times vary.

    See coach email for zoom/google links to these sessions.


    12:00-12:30P EST (11-11:30A CST)

    PAUS 6th & PAUS 7th

    12:30-1:00P EST 

    CSUS & VSU

    1:00PM-1:30PM EST


    1:30PM-2:00PM EST

    Flagway Tournament

    All teams will compete at 2:30pm-3:40pm EST time.

    Score Board 1 and 2